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People are Singing! Praises for The Singer's Workout and vocal warm-up Cd's. Here are a just a few of the many testimonials sent in:

January 2007

Buddy, I’m just so empressed with your DVD “The Singer’s Workout”.  I’ve studied with vocal teachers from Juliard who never covered what’s in your program.  It was extremely helpful.  Thanks for the great CD vocal warm-up too.  I’m definitely recommending it to all the singers who come in the store. 
Kris Tonner, Guitar Center


December 2006

Hi, Buddy,
I just played your teaching videotape last night and I found it so helpful. I have had nine semesters of vocal fundamentals at my local community colleges. I have had three private teachers. I only got worse and worse.

Last night, I did the exercises and this morning I have a big voice. I have never had even a normal sized voice. I recall walking past mariachi singers at a Mexican restuarant once. The singer was so loud he just about knocked me over with his voice. I wondered how a human being could do that without shouting.


September 2006

Hi Buddy,
Received and listen to Brad's advice. Took some notes. Equipment is the buzz.
Also, had a callback to audtion for the Cole Porter show- You Never Now, for the Baron role, and another for the show - Hairspray. Have a regional audition in Boston on the 26th with Actor's Equity. My big band is playing more too.
Your warm-up tape has really made an vocal impact. I'm grateful you're willing to share your knowledge.
Looking forward to hearing your Superman debut. Good luck.


June 17, 2006

I heard the show this morning, (here in Calif ot was on at 9AM) and it was awesome. What a great forum for you bro. I think it was one of Wiley's best shows. Just thought I'd drop you a line and let you know it was really great and very informative. great job man.
And we should do the 3 of us in a September interview for sure.
And thank you for the great endorsing words in regards to Star Walker. Thank you.

HIS Peace - GK Holland


May 2006
Hi Buddy,
  Thanks for forwarding the CD on your return from your trip.  I have become a student again as a singer.  Your CD is being used twice/day, along with a contemporary version of a warm up CD from a Berkley School of Music girl Anne Peckham.
   I  have a question.  When going from chest to head voice or "cover voice" as my old intructor Eddie Watson used to say.  I'm having trouble with the transition.  Am I "placing" the voice using diaphram for support.  I hear you say, "drop your jaw" and relax.  When I drop the jaw and start to climb the scale, my voice seems to move to the flip" sound.  It's not as smooth as your singer's on the CD.  What vowel is best, or what tool can I use to train for that airy sound in the high register. Your singer's transition sounds very clean.
  Also, been auditioning for theatres in the Boston and soon New York areas.  Sing with a 13 piece swing band too. At 48 years old, I've decided to back away somewhat in my Health Insurance business, and really focus my energies to singing and theatre again - after a 16 hiatis.  The Workout CD, and the warm-up for tenor have really been helpful.
Any advice you offer would be deeply appreciated.
  Take care,
Michael Thayer

Hello there!
I heard about your product from a friend of mine. I look forward to receiving my CD.
Thank you.

Linda, May 07, 2006


Mon, 10 Apr 2006


The CD is actually for me, Joe McCausland ( Laura's husband)
ship it when you can.
I bought your singer's workout DVD in a music store last year. The red headed guy from your CD was in the movie "Colors" right ?
I need a "travel companion" to practice with in the car during my daily commute to
midtown Manhattan. Looking for consistency
with my outer range.
I sing for a Rock and Blues cover band
I have a deep, bluesy voice ( like Jim Morrison , Scott Weiland)
If you don't mind me asking, who do you
coach these days ? Visit Morrison's grave if you're in Paris. Have a safe trip......
send all future e-mails to


Hi Mister Buddy Mix,

I found your site via Altavista by typing "learn how to sing". Then I
read some reviews about this product on Amazon and thought this could meat
my expectations, beacause i love to sing and maybe I even got some
potential to work with.

Yours in song,

Hannes Hagn
April 2006


Mon, 06 Mar 2006 13:24:30 -0600

Hi!!...I got it on fast!. Actually I was surfing the web trying to find vocal warm-up cds and I saw yours. I already listened to it and I loved it. Thanks a lot,



Hi Buddy,

I had a Buddy Mix's Singer's Workout tape for alto's that I bought
years ago - I don't remember where, so I looked you up on the

On Jan 10, 2006










Eric Walker Music



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